Strengthening Learning Styles May Improve the Academic Performance of Slow Learners

Suvarna Ganvir, Shyam Ganvir


Every learner has different learning styles. But many a times they are not aware about it. There is a need to make them aware and strengthen it instead of changing teaching tactics. Hence purpose of this study is find out if strengthening learning styles help slow learners to improve their academic performance.

It was an Experimental study for students who were not able to clear their first year university examination. 47 participants from three consecutive batches were selected and followed up till their next university practical examination. VARK was administered on these students & their learning style was identified. Students were made aware about their leaning style and counseling sessions were arranged for them. Counselling for strengthening learning styles was given & fortnight visits were scheduled. The outcome measure was score in the subsequent university examination. There was a significant improvement in the scores of slow learners in the subsequent university examination. Strengthening learning styles may improve the academic performance of slow learners. However more detailed study is needed to generalize the results.  


Keywords: Learning style, Slow learners, Academic performance

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